And So It Re-Begins

A few years ago I used to “blog” a lot.  Almost every day I would post a picture, tell a story and share.  As time moved on, so did life.  While I still posted, I moved over to 140 character posts and stopped writing at any length.  It was lazy, I know; but I was OK with lazy every once in a while.  But, to be honest, I missed it.

As life moved on, I also stopped updating my websites regularly and only posted to Facebook. Well that made me even miss writing even more.  So here I am, back to where it all begin. Back to writing, back to posting pictures, back to telling a story.

My goal this time, is the same it was 7 years ago: to write, post images and to share a moment in time.  It really is that simple.  Will I post every day?  No.  Will I post regularly?  That is the plan. No themes; just stories about family, kids, my wife, my dog, work, life, etc.  You get the idea.

I hope you enjoy this as much as I will.  To be honest, I can’t wait.


  1. Natsays:

    Glad you’ve returned. I am also going back to basics in the photo world as I’ve taken my own hiatus and will be getting a prosumer point and shoot that will fit in my pocket. While the iPhone is everywhere with me, I’ve missed the control but with 3 dogs I really don’t have time to carry about lenses, flashes, etc. Looking forward to your (re)newed postings!

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