I Believe

A friend recently posted a things he wanted to share with people.  Nothing specific per se, just random thoughts.  But it got me thinking; what do I believe in?  As I thought about it, a list started to develop in my mind and I thought I would share as well:

  1. I believe in being happy
  2. I believe you should have good friends and not just more friends (less is more)
  3. I believe that fanaticism is never a good thing.  In anything: Politics, religion, diets etc
  4. I believe you need to listen to those we disagree with more
  5. I believe we need to listen to learn, not just to respond
  6. I believe it is ok to eat a Big Mac once a month.  (Just don’t do it every week)
  7. I believe in being polite
  8. I believe everyone needs some alone time each day
  9. I believe that you should work out at least 3 times a week.  While I love Crossfit, it isn’t for everyone.  Pick something you love and do it (3 times a week)
  10. I believe everyone needs to own a dog.
  11. I believe saying Sir or Ma’am is not just a southern thing
  12. I believe that my wife is an awesome dentist
  13. I believe that you should never dress like a slob
  14. I believe that being silly occasionally is a good thing
  15. I believe you should keep in touch with old friends
  16. I believe you should call (not text) those friends
  17. I believe a glass of wine does the soul good
  18. I believe sunrises are far better then sunsets
  19. I believe it is ok to kiss your kids good night, even if they are 20
  20. I believe that we, as a society, have an obligation to protect those who are less fortunate
  21. I believe you should thank your server each time they visit your table.
  22. I believe in Santa
  23. I believe you should be nice to people
  24. I believe you should read a newspaper every day
  25. I believe that Gabriel Garcia Marquez was one of the greatest writers ever
  26. Don’t Smoke (anything)
  27. I believe grocery store coffee can be just as good as any fancy store coffee
  28. I believe you don’t need to wear socks every day
  29. I believe 1-2 hours of TV a day is more then enough
  30. I believe we all need more “Date Nights”
  31. I believe in taking financial risks
  32. I believe you should only buy lottery tickets when you have some extra cash in your pocket that you won’t miss.
  33. I believe afternoon naps are awesome
  34. I believe that God had only one son.  But he visited three times and was called by different names each time: Jesus, Allah and Buddha
  35. I believe that black and white movies were some of the best
  36. I believe that you should show up early for work and leave late
  37. I  believe you should not burn bridges even if you don’t like  your current job.
  38. I believe you should do what you say you are going to do
  39. I believe if you borrow money (even if it is 73 cents), you should pay it back
  40. I believe if you don’t know something it is ok to admit it
  41. I believe George Washington was our greatest president ever
  42. I believe kids should “earn their keep”, no matter how much, or little, you earn
  43. I believe a little bit of hard work is good for everyone
  44. I believe in being reasonable
  45. I believe it is ok to be wrong
  46. I believe you should vote for the best person, not just for the person who is in your “party”
  47. I believe that Frida Kahlo was one of the greatest artists ever
  48. I believe that I have more things to say, but should stop for now.

What do you believe in?



  1. Aima Rotellasays:

    I don’t know about #6, although that’s kinda how I feel about french fries, but here’s a few of my own:
    I believe….
    hard work is good for the soul
    it’s ok to leave the house without make up
    white cheddar popcorn is a gift from the gods
    tardiness is disrespectful
    apologizing is a skill – learn it
    kindness is a virtue – give it, receive it, live it every chance you get
    anything eaten outdoors tastes better
    the loudest voice in the room is rarely right
    please & thank you should be every child’s first words
    music is life
    exercise is a lifestyle not a diet
    the oxygen mask rule applies on and off the airplane
    …and I believe I have to get back to work now 😉

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