Jassy Day

Every year, January 23rd is a special day in our house.  That is the day we celebrate “Jassy Day“.  In other words, January 23rd is the day when Jasmine became our daughter.  In the past I have shared the story about how Jas came into our life; but when I started to think about what to write this year, I was unsure what I should say.  As I thought about my quandary, I asked Jasmine what I should do; she looked at me and then simply asked me to move out of my chair.  She proceeded to sit down and start to type.  I had no idea what she was doing or what she was going to say; but I let her go.

Below are her thoughts, straight out of her head and unedited (ok, maybe I fixed a few spelling mistakes).  She shared with me after she wrote this that she wants people to know about her and what is important to her. I can’t disagree, and truth be told, I don’t think I need to write anything else, she seems to have covered the key areas.

Here are Jas’ words:

“Jasmine has a power inside that comes out and shoots me with it and the power is called love.  We first got Jasmine when she was about 4, we found her in a little abandoned boat. So we grabbed her and thought, wow, what a cuttey pie, let’s adopt her.

In my world January 23, is the day she came to spend the rest of her life with us and became our daughter.  Jasmine loves so many things, she likes Christmas, Valentines day, blow pops, dogs, cats and Jasmine loves going to her hometown.  Jasmine enjoys it when we go out to the movies or watches them at home with the family. She enjoys a good laugh. Jasmine gets along well with her brother Will, she enjoys a good laugh from her brother James, and she enjoys hanging out with her dog Tesla. Jasmine and Tesla get along great; she will never let anything separate their love from each other.

Jasmines favorite place to go is to her hometown Chicago and to California to see her Grandparents. She loves hanging out with her family members, she loves going to Disneyland with them, going to the park, and also just having a fun relaxing time. She enjoys hanging out with her two cousins Daniel and Betsy; they also give her a good laugh.

Jasmine has her own signature moto. Her main quote is LAUGHING MAKES U LIVE BETTER\her favorite ice cream is MOOSE TRACK\and last but not least her fav sport  is CHEER and DANCE

Jasmine really wants to be a cheerleader and a professional ballet dancer, mostly every day she will get her tights and leotard on and practice dance moves and dances in point shoes. She feels special when she wears point shoes, she even practices with her toes when she is just in boots or tennis shoes. She always says that dance is the most fantastic thing there is, besides my family of course……”

Happy Jassy Day everyone!


  1. Patricia Holdensays:

    What a lovely essay to share! Happy Jassy Day, and live to you and your whole family!

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