Kids and Water

With the end of summer, comes reflection on these past few months.  I am not sure what it is, but kids love water and these last few summers, for my kids, have been all about water.  To be honest, as a parent, I love the fact that they do.  To say that there is something magical about kids and water is a bit melodramatic.  But every time I see my kids and playing in the water, or any one else’s kids for that mater, I smile.

As my kids grow, they are willing to try and do things that they would have been hesitant to do just a few years ago. Sometimes it makes my stomach turn when I see them do things that could cause them to get hurt.  But, I guess that is all about growing up.

Hartwell_Water-2 Hartwell_Water-1
Even when we are out on the water just “hanging”, it seems to be a special time. So here is to next summer.  And a thanks to my kids for making memories for your parents.  Can’t wait until next year!



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